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“My wife and I met with Marilyn and Chris Brennan of Long and Foster, and we immediately knew that we wanted to work with them on our home sale. Everyone’s sales and moving experiences are unique, and they immediately understood what we wanted. Everything about preparing for the sale went smoothly: both the brochures and signage were exactly right, and we had contracts within days of the MLS listing. The Brennan’s took extra time and care insuring that we understood all of the terms of all the contracts that we received, made suggestions and recommendations, and we had a pleasant and successful experience working with Chris and Marilyn. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home! You will not be disappointed!”

John and Robing Billings

“It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with the Brennan Real Estate Team in the listing and sale of my home. While I have purchased and sold a number of homes, I have never before encountered such a level of excellence in customer service. The experience at each phase of the sales effort were superior innovative efforts in developing prospects, useful insights on pre-listing staging ideas, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiation. All of these tasks, whether busines-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, integrity and grace! The Brennan Team represent everything you want and need in a realtor!”

David J Broyhill, LTC (Retired)

“It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with the Brennan Real Estate Team in the listing and sale of our condo in Arlington.

When preparing to list the home, Marilyn and Chris provided a few targeted recommendations to improve the place to ensure a fast and fair sale. These small improvements were so effective that when the first customer toured our condo, they immediately put in an acceptable offer. During the closing process, we ran into a lien issue and Chris walked us through the entire process to make sure all issues were solved satisfactorily. Marilyn and Chris went above and beyond in order to ensure that our best interests were upheld. We look forward to working with them again in the future!

We recommend the Brennan Real Estate Team with confidence!”

Kevin and Kara Britt
South Riding

“Marilyn Brennan of Long and Foster has been assisting my wife and I in finding a home in northern Virginia for over two and a half years. Over this extended period of time she has been tireless in providing guidance, information, and assistance. As our ideas and needs changed, Marilyn was extraordinarily patient and adapted to meet our changing circumstances.

Besides being a warm and friendly individual she is the consummate professional who offered us a full range of realtor services to find the perfect home for us. I would recommend Marilyn to anyone who wants a personable, knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated professional to help find a home in a vast and complicated real estate market such as northern Virginia. She is not only a complete professional, but now is also a good friend!”

David A Deptula, Lt General, USAF (Retired)

“As a Vice President of Employee and Labor Relations for Marriott International, I am very aware and sensitive to the quality of customer service. Marily and Chris Brennan are outstanding Long and Foster realtors who take their work one or two steps beyond what is expected and are masters at knowing their customers and trying to address their unique needs. That is a quality you do not see often!

Moving is a very stressful ordeal, especially today, give the multiple variables in the market. Marilyn’s calm but tenacious nature makes her ideal in managing to make a really frustrating process less so. Chris is a great complement to her style, and they are creative and helpful in selling to the right buyer. In my case, the buyer was international, and there were unique challenges. Marilyn and Chris never waivered, and they stayed on the course to ensure the sale of my home. I relied on their services when I moved into the Virginia market nearly 16 years ago and came back to them because of the great experience I had the first time. They are more than realtors in that they consider the emotions and the feelings of their clients, and they try in every way to mitigate the challenges that the owner faces.

Marilyn is a lovely person who delivers quickly but decisively. She did not fold under pressure and kept m, as the anxious seller, apprised and calm. She did so with eloquence and grace, a welcome trait in the real estate business. You are very lucky if you have the Brennan Team on your side. They are simply the best and I am thankfor for their unrelenting support!”

Steve Bittove
Marriott International

“It is a pleasure for us to recommend the Brennan Real Estate Team. Marriott International recently relocated us to the area from Orlando, Florida. Marilyn Brennan came highly recommended to us as the preferred realtor for northern Virginia. Marilyn and Chris Brennan listened to our needs and requirements, and showed us homes that met our detailed criteria. They are a competent and efficient team with extensive knowledge of the area. End result, we are extremely happy with our new home and community. We recommend Marilyn and Chris with great confidence.”

Doug and Joanne Ridge
General Manager at Gaylord National Harbor Resort & Convention center

“My husband and I were so very fortunate to have found Christopher and Marilyn Brennan to represent us in selling our home. We met with several agents and from the moment our conversation with Marilyn Brennan was over we knew she would be our agent! During our first meeting she had already put together a wonderful packet of information and had done a lot of research of our current market which meant a lot to us that she had taken the time to do this and was very informed.

Marilyn and Chris are a wonderful team …it’s like getting two agents for the price of one! The day we “staged” our home for pictures (by the way…they do not take their own pictures and even go above and beyond in this by using a professional photographer that took pictures of both the outside and inside of the home that turned out beautifully) Marilyn was moving items around, giving me great pointers as to how the house would show the best and Chris jumped right in and was even moving furniture as needed! I am extremely picky and Chris and Marilyn were so patient and would move some pieces until they were to my liking and they even had awesome recommendations as to where I could place some pieces that I would have never thought of! The bottom line is they really cared and didn’t just say “ok it looks good the way it is”…we heard this a lot! I also would like to add that they go the extra mile to put those special touches on everything…our brochures were all color photos and not just your standard black and white listing ….they were really professionally done!

Our sale was not a conventional home sale for a few unforeseen reasons with our bank. While we received a contract on our home fairly quickly..i believe within 10 days…the entire process from staff to finish took almost three months. Marilyn and Chris stuck by us through the whole difficult process. There was even a time when we weren’t sure if we would be able to sell our home conventionally and the possibility of a short sale was on the horizon, but through it all Marilyn never gave up on us and gave us her full attention not knowing what the outcome would be. I cannot remember a time where I called, emailed or texted her when she did not respond to me in a very timely manner..even when she was out of town on personal time!

Marilyn and Chris are truly professionals at what they do all the while showing patience and kindness to their clients. They always offered their opinions however were never pushy and always let us make the ultimate decisions. Marilyn and Chris seem to know many people to call on at a moments notice if questions arise and always offer solutions to things that come up. Their knowledge and professionalism far exceeded our expectations and I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. This was by far the best experience we have ever had with any realtors and we have purchased two other homes prior to this one.

Thank you so much Marilyn and Chris Brennan!!”

Max and Pam James – Culpeper

“We recently chose Chris and Marilyn Brennan of Long and Foster to list our home for sale. They brought many comparable listings to us so that we could determine a price, and the day after listing our home a For-Sale sign was on the property. They quickly listed our house in the MLS, and the very next Sunday they held an Open House. They moved quickly, efficiently and professionally. We talked often, and they kept us informed of all the interest in our home.

Soon after the listing we relocated to South Carolina and we were very concerned leaving an empty home. Chris checked on the house several times a week to be sure everything was o.k. and kept in touch with us.

The house was under contract in less than 120 days.

As the home inspections started Chris was there for every appointment. He would report back to us with the results, and with our approval went on to arrange for repairs. He put lights on and off adjusted the heat as needed. Chris even shoveled snow on the steps in order for the new owner to come to the final inspection.

Chris took care of all the details while we were out of town and unavailable. He truly went above and beyond to make sure the sale went through.

We’ve dealt with numerous professionals in our lives and careers, and The Brennan Team are truly top notch, they are #1. We highly recommend them for your real estate needs.”

Peter and Patricia Carlson – Haymarket

“I understand you wanted some feedback from those who have worked recently with Chris and Marilyn. Both my wife(Ellie Thomas) and I(Fred) closed on Friday the 13th of this month so I would say that is fairly recent. If there was a shot way to sum up how the whole process progressed it would have to be that we are sitting in our new home still thinking that everything was just too good to be true. In the beginning it was the education from the Brennan’s on how to describe to them and ourselves what it was we were really looking for so we could focus rather than feeling overwhelmed with the amount of options in the market. Once we had a feel for the process of searching for homes it was in the information they provided to us as we looked at each house that was the most valuable. They clearly have the experience and confidence in pointing out the up and downsides of each home that we would tend to overlook as we were caught wide eyed by a pool or beautiful fireplace. Searching for a home to me was exciting, fun, and scary all at the same time. Icannot begin to write how having Chris and Marilyn there and having the upmost trust in them IiLed an enormous weight of? of our shoulders and allowed us to focus on the process. Once we made our oPer they kicked into high gear and already had references for us for everything from our lender, to home inspectors, to a wonderful house cleaning service for our move out clean. It was at this point that Ikept expecting things to overwhelm us with everything that comes aXached when making an oPer and then the subsequent acceptance. What Ican tell you is that we had the keys to our new home in hand without a way to thank the Brennan’s in the way the deserved. We don’t see them as the relators that helped us find our home but two individuals we care about and call friends that were a pal of possibly the start of one of the biggest chapters of our lives.

To sum up this as a recommendation, reference, or testimonial however you want to approach reading this Iwould say that you will find no beXer and I could not mean that more. Iwould say don’t take the risk with others, Chris and Narilyn are it period. You also will never have to sit and wonder where you are or stand in the process as they constantly kept us updated and informed with anything and everything the minute it happened. They are who Ihave already recommended to all my family members, friends, and co-workers as well as when if ever we decide to move will be who we call day 1. Ihope this helps in making your decision and congratulations on looking for a new home! Wish you all the luck, no luck needed with the Brennen’s. J Had to get that in there!”

Fred Bigden

“We were not even considering a move when we stumbled across our dream house. Marilyn and Chris Brennan immediately sprung into acion to evaluate the potential purchase property and give us a realistic assessment of what we could get for our current home. With their guidance we decided to take the plunge and started a mad scramble to get our house on the market and sold to make our closing date on the new property. They made the process simple and understandable at every step and managed a very tight time schedule with the confidence and calming influence of true professionals. Working with Marilyn and Chris Brennan was by far the best decision we could have made!”

Brian and Jennifer Arezzo – Leesburg

“I wanted to reach out and say thank you to you both for all the extra effort in selling my home. As always, your team has never let me down.

Moving can be one of the most emotional and stressful times in your life, especially when you are single and have to depend on other people to help. Your impecable attention to detail, the extra time and added value you helped me add to my home, and all the little extras that I experienced from your team made this the easiest home sale that I’ve ever experienced.

Every tiny thing that needed addressed was taken care of with almost no effort from me. From the painter you recommended who did an outstanding job, to ensuring my dog was safe during open houses, proved there was no job too big or small that wasn’t going to get the utmost care from you both.

I didn’t even have to ask about the landscaping in the backyard which you not only purchased rocks for esthetics but also hauled them around the townhouse row and placed them in the fenced backyard without me even asking. I truly felt like this transaction was not about commission, but only about what was best for me, the homeowner, and my wellbeing.

When the house went on the market, it was in an improved condition, because of your recommendations and referrals, which I am sure allowed us to get an offer above asking price in 7 days. This in itself was a huge accomplishment with today’s market only slowly improving. This type of customer service is expected from realtors around this area, however having purchased and sold over 4 homes in the Northern VA area, the Brennan team is hands down the best professional, most proficient, and the epitome of excellent customer service I’ve ever seen.

Despite dealing with Northern Virginia’s worst Home Owners Association, you never let me get discouraged with the back and forth and numerous demands of the Association. If it wasn’t for your team reaching out to the painter and arranging for him to paint the backside of the home after thee settlement date, I would not have been able to settlement.

Thank you again for everything. The only team I’ll ever place the sale or purchase of a new home with is Team Brennan.”

Melissa Neimi – Ashbum

“Chris and Marilyn, my sincere appreciation to both of you. In the beginning I was an ‘unknown quantity’ as to my plans, whether to buy or rent and when! You were patient and helped me explore all of my options at my own speed. I met a lot of agents when I first started looking, and I’m glad my intuition to choose you proved spot on! You have my sincere recommendation to anyone.”

Elizabeth Thomas – Reston

“Marilyn did a phenomenal job. Truly a FIRST CLASS LADY The move has been eventful but everyone has been truly terrific and I so grateful to all!”

Pascal Duchauffour – Ritz Carlton

“I have had the pleasure of working with Marilyn and Chris on a number of settlements over the past few years. They are professional, reliable, and easy to work with and show true knowledge of the entire real estate process and sincere care of their clients. It is very inspiring to see their enthusiasm for their buyers and sellers throughout the entire transaction. They are sensitive to their clients’ needs and make every effort to give them peace of mind and make each situation as stress free as possible. We hope to work with them for years to come!”

Helen Krause – New World Title & Escrow

“Loved Marilyn…she made things almost too easy!”

Robert Johnson – Fairfax

“It is people like Marilyn and Chris Brennan that help make Long and Foster as successful as it has been over the last 46 years. I appreciate it and thank you – keep up the good work!”

P. Wesley Foster, Jr. – Chairman/CEO Long and Foster Realtors

“Marilyn is first class! Her professionalism is surpassed by her knowledge and experience – I rave about her to everyone I know! When you give exceptional service as we do daily at the Ritz Carlton, you are blown away when you receive it as I did through my entire experience with Marilyn and Long and Foster. She made herself available, returned every call, and kept an optimistic attitude with an incredible sense of humor. Marilyn is calm and professional at all times and I felt she really cared about me and finding the right home! I only hope more of our employees will have the opportunity to utilize her expertise.”

Denise Jones – Ritz Carlton

“Under the advice of some close friends we reached out to Marilyn and Chris Brennan to help us with locating and buying our first home. In the midst of a very competitive and barren market they never let us lose hope and were always on top of any questions and requests we had for them. They helped us over some unique hurdles and always maintained positive and encourage attitudes. We highly recommend Marilyn and Chris Brennan to anyone who is on the lookout for a reliable and professional team of realtors.”

Greg and Melinda Miller – Centreville

“Chris Brennan was fantastic! Working with him was a pleasure! He was very patient with us and always followed up – we feel very lucky to have found Chris. We feel we met an exceptional realtor and a new friend! He is a credit to his profession and we would recommend his services to all!”

Gerry and Barbara Staudte – Alexandria

“Marilyn, I just wanted to let you know that our Mother passed away earlier this week. She was in declining health these last few years and now she is finally at peace. You were very kind in the process of helping us sell her home which was important to us as it allowed us to have her nearby for the last 18 months. We just wanted to let you know, and say thanks again for all that you did for our entire family.”

Mike Lincoln – Mclean

“Chris and Marilyn, we received our escrow check and it was larger than expected! So we ended up with a little extra to help out with some of the odds and ends that we need with the new house. Thank you for allowing us to reach our goals!”

Chris and Tricia McCord – Ashburn

“When relocating to the area for Marriott, Marilyn Brennan was recommended to us as the preferred realtor for Northern Virginia. We had a short timescale and some very specific items we were looking for in our home. Marilyn was a joy to work with and took the time to help us find a home in our neighborhood of choice! I would highly recommend Marilyn, her knowledge of the area and tenaciousness were instrumental in helping us find a home quickly. Thanks Marilyn!”

Derek Brauner – Marriott Corporation

“Marilyn and Chris, thank you – every challenge had an answer and closing was so easy! I definitely know who I am calling for my next home purchase!”

Natasha Smith – Herndon

“I had the pleasure of working with Marilyn and Chris Brennan in selling my home in Falls Church. Before choosing Marilyn and Chris to represent me I interviewed several others. From our first meeting I found the Brennan Team to be incredibly personable, professional and with that little something extra that you just can’t quite put your finger on and they did not disappoint. They were flexible in their approach and listened to my ideas – it was evident that this was more than just a business to them. I would highly recommend the Brennan Team if you value a professional team who will go the extra mile for you – one of the best!”

Carolyn Hird – Falls Church

“I had been working with another real estate agent when I was referred by a friend to Marilyn Brennan of Long and Foster. Marilyn is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with! What sets her apart from all the others is her dedication to her clients. She is very knowledgeable of the Northern Virginia market and is very well connected with a lot of people in the real estate business. I always felt comfortable asking her questions, and if she didn’t have the answer she would go out and find it and get back to me. She is the only real estate agent I will refer in the future!”

John Serry – Leesburg

“Our experience with the Brennan Team was fantastic! Good service and now good friends! Thanks for all you do!”

Joanne Harless – Arlington

“As a first time homebuyer, I had a thousand questions! However, I didn’t have anyone to help answer those questions until I met Chris Brennan. I was impressed by his personal skills and his willingness to listen. It was his amazing personality, wisdom and optimism that led to work with Long and Foster Realtors. Chris got to know me as a person and was not satisfied until he found a home that fit my personality. I am truly grateful and feel blessed that I was able to have Chris Brennan in my corner through the process of buying a home.”

Samantha Fitzsimmons – Reston

“Marilyn Brennan of Long and Foster has been assisting my wife and I in finding a home in Northern Virginia for two and a half years! Over this extended period of time she has been tireless in providing guidance, information and assistance. As our ideas and needs changed Marilyn was extraordinarily patient and adapted to meet our changing circumstances. Besides being a warm and friendly individual she is the consummate professional who offered us a full range of realtor services to find the perfect home! I would recommend Marilyn to anyone who wants a personable, knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated professional to help find a new home in a vast and complicated real estate market such as Northern Virginia. She is not only a complete professional,, but now is also a good friend!”

David A. Deptula, Lt Genera, USAF (retired) – Oakton

“This is the 6th house we have bought and sold over the past several years, and Chris and Marilyn Brennan are the best realtors we have ever worked with!”

Scott Nadeau, GM Marriott Marquis – New York

“Marilyn, I received a complimentary letter from your client concerning the purchase of his home. He was quite impressed with your excellent customer service and communicated this to the head of Marriott Relocation! In what appears to have been a stressful transaction you went above and beyond to make the move as easy as possible. I truly appreciate your hard work and everything you do for Long and Foster. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

Larry “Boomer” Foster – Senior VP/Regional Director, Long and Foster

“When I hear of friends, family and/or clients needing a realtor in the northern Virginia area, I immediately ask them if they have chosen the best real estate team. Almost everyone says, “I think so”. I then follow-up with, “Well, if you don’t have the Brennan Team then you don’t have the best! Because they treat you like you are family!” As a person who has moved 48 times, bought and sold 15 homes I have experienced a lot of real estate professionals. Marilyn and Chris listened to what we were looking for in a home. They gave us frank advice and helped us find the home of our dreams! They never controlled our decision making process, but always gave a lot of things to take into consideration. Throughout the negotiations, Marilyn and Chris were caring and we consider ourselves blessed to have found such a beautiful home and so very thankful for Marilyn and Chris Brennan!”

Janet Carruthers – Reston


“When selling our home wanted to hire an experienced and talented real estate team for such a large financial investment to get our home sold – we sought out and received a professional business partner in the Brennan’s! Together, they are a great team to work with because they have complimentary and different strengths and talents which enhance their ability to get along well with people and most importantly, get homes sold. In hiring a real estate agent we were focused on three business outcomes. The first was experience and up-to-date expertise for an every changing and challenging – the Brennan Real Estate Team deployed the perfect balance. They not only invested time but money such as quality brochures and professional photography. The second was efficiency and effective business practices – time is the most precious commodity available, and therefore, we were looking for a business relationship that focused on our goal of selling our home within 60 days. The Brennan Team focused on meeting our goals and they communicated with us early and often. We received daily email updates with market updates and customer feedback. They have numerous resources for professional vendors in helping us prepare our home for sale. And lastly, our goal was to sell the house and cross the finish line! Marilyn and Chris handled all the paperwork to get us to settlement in a timely manner. They gave us advance copies of the necessary paperwork, so that when we did meet face to face, we were ready to implement a course of action. In closing, we would be please to share our positive experience with others!”

Pam and Steve Marsters – Herndon

“Thank you Marilyn, you have been EXCELLENT! It is very clear why you are such a long-standing partner with Marriott Relocation!”

Mark Sahler – Marriott Corporation